What Wrong with the Atlanta Falcons?

by The Game

First and foremost bad personnel decision from Thomas Dimitroff and Mike Smith in the draft, free agency and bad assistance coaching. The key to success in the NFL is having a good offensive and defensive lines.

Since Matt Ryan was drafted the Falcons have only drafted one offensive lineman in the first round before Jake Matthews 2014. In 2012 they decided to draft two offensive linemen in the second and third round.

The Falcons let go good offensive linemen in Harvey Dahl the heart and soul of the offensive line, Roberto Garza, Tyson Clabo and Todd McClure. These four players didn't cost a lot to keep.

Dirk (Vanilla) Koetter is a horrible play caller for the Atlanta Falcons, this offense is very predictable with no imagination. Why pay a fullback and don't use him in the running game. There is no second quarter or second half adjustments.

Since 2008, the Falcons have not drafted a defensive end in the 1st three round. They drafted one defensive tackle Peria Jerry in the 1st round and past over Clay Matthews, Peria was a bust. In 2010 they drafted a good defensive tackle in Corey Peters in the second round.

The Falcons also made bad personnel decision by putting Travian Robertson on practice squad instead of the active roster, (Seattle pick him up and placed him on their active roster).

Not resigning Vance Walker, and Lawrence Sidbury who never got the chance to show his talents in Atlanta as Bill Polian said, he would have been an up and coming player during the 2013 season.

The signing of defensive end Ray Edwards, not resigning Brent Grimes and John Abraham. Not signing a veteran linebacker i.e. Rolando Mcclain, etc...

The Falcons never develop or sign linebackers, they only have three true linebackers on the rosters Shembo, Bartu and Worrilow.

The signing of Defensive End Tyson Jackson was a bad decision and it shows.

In order to run a 3/4 defense you have to have 3 Defensive tackles, 3 defensive ends and 8 linebackers.

Those players need to be versatile and athletic. They don't have the personnel to run a 3-4 defense
such as Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

Coach Smith refuses to make changes on offensive side by:

  • Not putting in Schraeder at right tackle earlier
  • Not staying with 6 offensive line during Giants game and so on
  • Not using a fullback when running the ball
  • Not running the ball enough
  • To many screen plays
  • Bad play calling

Coach Smith refuses to make changes on the defensive side by:

  • Not playing Massaquoi, Goodman, and Maponga at defensive end
  • Not play a 4 -3 defense instead of a 4-2-5 defense ( Who does that)
  • Not sending 5 players on defense to rush the QB
  • Not using Osi more at Defensive end ( if you are going to pay him, use him!)
  • Playing Soliai, Jackson, Babineaux, and Biermann on the defensive line

I'm convince that we need a coaching change, Coach Smith has not shown he will make change during a game or during the offseason.

We need a new coach and maybe a new GM who can
and will make adjustment during a game, the offseason, develop talent, great play calling on offense and defense.

The time is now and We the fans want a change.
Mr Blank we need a coach and maybe a GM to last like Pittsburgh, New England, Baltimore, Green Bay, and Giants.

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