What Players will make the Cut for the Atlanta Falcons in 2016?

by The Game
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

The season is over for the Atlanta Falcons who finish with an 8—8 win loss record. They beat the Carolina Panthers and ruin their undefeated season. They lost to the New Orleans Saints in their final game of the season.

This article will talk about players who will help the Falcons have a winning season and possibly make the playoff in 2016. Now we know that Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Devonte Freeman, Jake Matthews, will be here.

I will start with the offense first.

Making the team

R Schrader, J Stone, J Hardy, N Williams, E Weems, T Coleman, P Dimarco, J Tamme, R. White and N Williams.

Roddy White will be on this team until they find a capable starter to replace him. White was the third option in Shanahan offense and sometimes the fourth option. This can’t be when he is the second best WR’s on the team. Roddy has given the Falcons discounts and his salary is cap friendly.


Mike Person has a 54.5 rating according to Pro football focus. Person has been horrible at center even though it is his first year playing the position. The Falcons need to find a starting center.

Chris Chester will be 33 next year and he knows the zone blocking system. Chester has a 77.2 rating according to Pro Football Focus and had the second most pressures 34. The question is will he improve next year, if he can, he will remain with the team for one more year.

Adam Levitre has a 75.0 rating according to Pro Football Focus. He played average this year and I really think the Falcons need to go out in free agency, the draft and find better players at center especially and at the guard position.

Special teams

Devin Hester will not be with the Falcons next year, the team can save 3 million and only 1 million in cap space for 2017. Plus Eric Weems has done a good job this year.
If Hester can’t help on the offense, he’s gone.


Making the team

V Beasley Jr, R Hegman, P Soliai, T Jackson, P Worrilow, O Scholfiled, D Trufant, R Allen, R Alford, J Collins, K Ishmail, R Allen, G Jarrett, A Clayborn, K Biemann and J Babineaux.

Kory Biermann who I didn’t think at the time, should have made the team. He played very well this season and if the Falcons do not acquire a player at his position to beat him out, the Biermann will be back. He’s the Falcons pet, (clean cut white guy who doesn’t cause problems).

Babineaux will be back to help the younger linemen and he still can play.

Paul Worrilow is a backup middle linebacker, he’s making tackles 3 or 4 yards down field, he’s not making tackle by hitting the gap like Luke Kuechly or other starting linebackers. He not batting balls down and making tackles right after the catch.
Worrilow has a 37.0 rating according to Pro Football Focus.

Brook Reed will make the team with his salary not being cap friendly for the Falcons if they cut him. Reed has a 70.8 rating according to Pro Football Focus.


Justin Durant is a average linebacker when he healthy, he stays only if the Falcons can’t get good players to take his place. Durant has a 52.7 rating according to Pro Football Focus. Durant is second in missing tackles.

Phillip Wheeler has played well in his limited time with the team. He may be the out man out.

William Moore doesn’t fit with what Coach Quinn is looking for in a Strong Safety. Moore miss tackles, he doesn’t wrap up when tackling, he can’t cover and he been injured the last two years.

In conclusion

The Falcons need Center, Guards, Defensive end, Middle linebacker, Outside linebacker, Safety and Tight end in that order.

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