Welfare for Atlanta Falcons Stadium Deal!

by The Game
(College Park, GA)

Team value 814 Million

Revenue 233 Million

Operating income 27.2 Million

Player Expenses 125 Million

Gate Receipts 48 Million

After expenses Mr. Blank will make 128 million, even if he make less, his income is more than cities budgets.

The time has come for tax payers to stop paying for rich stadium toys for rich boy owners.

The citizens don't receive equal value for paying for these stadiums. Please don't say stadium create jobs.

Even Kasim Reed Mayor of Atlanta wouldn't tell his kids to go the college and get a job at the New Georgia retractable stadium, who would?

Who send their children to technical college or college to work at the stadium part time? Hmmm!

How has the neighborhood in which the Stadium was build benefits? Zero improvement from the Ga Dome

Are the people who live in the neighborhood season ticket holders? No

Do the fans who go to the game wants to live in the neighborhood? No

The way the deal stands now is the public funding will come from the hotel-motel tax.

The City of Atlanta will pay 300 million to help build the new stadium.

The Atlanta Falcons along with the NFL will fund the rest of the money which is about 948 million.

Arthur Blank and the NFL should fund the whole deal with private money. How you ask?

Arthur Blank and the NFL should look for private money.
They should let the NFL Players invest in the stadium. This would help players financial after their career is over.

They should get rid of the law that prohibits fans from buy shares.

Green Bay Packers is a great model and should to instituted around the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc...

The time has come for fans to get informed and stop being stupid about the game the these owners are playing.

The NFL owners make their money from corporate welfare, by any other name is WELFARE.
Their money is made from cable television, global merchandise and above all else, public subsidies.

The average fan pays for tickets to the game, parking, food and drinks and there is nothing and I mean nothing
under 4 dollars in the Georgia Dome to consume.

It ridiculous and that's why and stay at home, plus I can here great commentary about the game and get incite on the game that I can't get by going to the game.

When negotiating these deal we have to make these politician accountable for their action and vote their ass out of office.

We have to buy our owned politicians in order to get them to do what we want. They only make these deals to farther their careers.

Lets remember politician crave power, its better than money because with power money comes in other forms or fashion down the line, al la GA Governor Perdue with the Savannah Port and I know Mayor Reed will make a substantial amount from the Savannah Port Deal too.

Follow the money!

Cities all always have to watch the background of the politicians that they vote in office. If they have no ties to the community they will always take the money and run.

Mayor Reed is doing that now. Downtown Atlanta has a 143,000 to 170,000 people touching
into downtown everyday.

There are no major stores like Macy's (favorite for their bargain basement sales), Kessler's (love their cloths and toys), McCory's, Woolworth, H L Green (one of my favorite as a child for cheese burgers and fat abbot toy men), Walgreen and etc..

Mayor Reed legacy will be that he was for billionaires and not the people who voted him into office.

I read a great book on how the Owners are ruining the games we love, its called Bad Sports by Dave Zirin, get a copy and let change the sports we love by protesting and not paying for stadiums that we don't own or can profit from.

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