Taxpayers Say No to New Stadium and No to Upgrades!

by Gerald Gilford
(Atlanta, GA)

This is great for the tax payers of Miami Gardens, Florida. They told billionaires Harry Wayne Huizenga and Stephen M Ross no to building a new stadium and no to upgrades on the existing stadium.

So the Dolphins owners will pay for the upgrades themselves and receives grants tied to world-class events lured to town.

News Flash! Taxpayers stop paying for billionaires toys! They have enough money and resources to build their own stadiums. The revenue never goes to the community in which the stadium resides.

The only city is Green Bay, in which revenue goes back to the community.

No wonder the NFL passed a law saying, there will never be another NFL franchise with more than 32 shares holders being the owners of a team.

We need more share holders ownership in Professional Sports.

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