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Welcome to the Pro Football Fans Forum! I want you to share your comments, opinions and stories about the NFL.

You will be the broadcasters, writers, and fans who will tell your story. I welcome you to share your thoughts about this great sport.

You can build your own web page, submit photo's, that will become part of this website. Fans will review your page rate it,and make comments about your page.

If you opt in, you will be notified if you decide to opt in when fans make comments, then you can return to the site to see what was said.

What can you write? You can write about NFL Players, photos of your teams, photos of your team stadium with a story, which hotels are cheap and family friendly, great restaurants, which conferences is the tough, who had the best draft?

Share your thoughts and stories. Put a pad by your bed and write when thoughts come to you.

-Forum Guidelines-

This is a family first website, No Tomfoolery allowed. No profanity, no bulling or profanity allowed. This type of language will not be allowed, so don't waste your time posting at Pro Football Fans Forum.

You can get your point across without using vulgar language. Strong thoughts are allowed but there is a line. Keep it clean, if you don't want your son or daughter reading it, neither do we.

We try to read every submission before it goes on our site. If your see abusive language please don't hesitate to let us know Contact Us and we will review the submission and take appropriate action.

New Submission should be at least 3 sentences long. Its not worth your time or mine to put up a page shorter than that.

Wanted NFL Team Writers All 32 teams!!!

Thank You in Advance!

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Do you have comments, opinions or stories about the NFL? Have questions about fantasy football? Want to make prediction on which team will win the Super Bowl? What your grade would you give your team? No Pro Football topics is off limits. Your E-mail is not required.

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