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How the Government helps the NFL maintain its Power and Profitability

Taxpayers Say No to New Stadium and No to Upgrades!

By Gerald Gilford

This is great for the tax payers of Miami Gardens, Florida. They told billionaires Harry Wayne Huizenga and Stephen M Ross no to building a new stadium and no to upgrades on the existing stadium.

News Flash! Taxpayers stop pay for billionaires toys! They have enough money and resources to build their own stadiums. The revenue never goes to the community in which the stadium resides.

The only city is Green Bay, in which revenue goes back to the community.

No wonder the NFL passed a law saying, there will never be another NFL franchise with more than 32 shares holders being the owners of a team.

We need more share holders ownership in Professional Sports.

By Mike Florio:

After multiple failed efforts to get public money or tax breaks to help pay for much-needed upgrades at Sun Life Stadium, the Dolphins have commenced the process of making the renovations by paying for the changes on their own.

As explained by the team’s official website, the project launched on Saturday morning.  Due to be completed by the start of the 2016 season, the venue will have new seats, a new shade canopy, new video boards, and concourse and concession improvements.

“Today is an exciting day for the Miami Dolphins and South Florida as we mark the beginning of our comprehensive stadium modernization project,” Dolphins president and CEO Tom Garfinkel said. 

“Once complete, the stadium will serve as a global destination that will bring  a diverse set of world-class events and significant economic benefits to Miami-Dade County.”

The Dolphins will get public Monday in the form of grants tied to world-class events lured to town.  It won’t be nearly as much  as the team wanted in the form of taxpayer dollars, but it’s better than nothing.

The NFL has said that South Florida won’t host another Super Bowl until upgrades are made.  After getting the game twice in a  three-year span, Miami has been shut out since 2009.  The game can return to Sun Life Stadium in 2019, at the earliest.

NFL Rumors

How High Will the Salary Cap go in 2016, NFL rumors are 160 million?

The was an unexpected salary-cap growth last week, as the NFL announced that the salary cap would jump from $123 million to $133 million. It is estimated that the salary cap is going to grow, in years to coming.

"One source with knowledge of the process (but not the same source who was on the money — no pun intended — when providing info about the 2014 salary cap) NFL rumors are that the cap could spike to $145 million in 2015 and a whopping $160 million in 2016," wrote Mike Florio of

It's unclear why the salary cap expanded about $7 million more than had been expected this year. My guess is revenue (follow the money), the NFL pays the commissioner 44.2 million a year and the NFL has the rating. Now this is is great news for free agents, because teams will have more money to spend on them this offseason.

It also means that teams will be more likely to re-sign their own free agents in coming years, if the salary cap does expand to $160 million.

Increasing the cap will impact how front offices and agents approach contract talks this off-season, as they look to those future years when teams will have more cap space.

NFL Rumors

The Commish made $44.2 million in '2012

By Darren Rovell

The NFL paid commissioner Roger Goodell $44.2 million in the 2012 calendar year, according to a recent tax filing.

Goodell was paid $35.1 million in salary, bonus and pension compensation. He also received an incentive payment of $5 million and a $4.1 million pension payment from the league's work stoppage in 2011 that was paid in 2012.

"I feel that, as commissioner, he runs the business of the NFL as if he were an owner-operator," Patriots owner Robert Kraft said in a statement. "I consider him to be one of the most outstanding managers in the country."

Marc Ganis, president of SportsCorp, a sports consultancy firm that has worked with roughly two-thirds of the league's teams, says Goodell's salary is not out of whack.

"It's pretty close to what baseball agreed to pay Bud Selig for his final two seasons," Ganis said.

Ganis said Goodell's salary is highly based on his performance and the fact owners believe he is worth north of $1 million per team.

"The NFL owners are paying this," Ganis said. "Not the players and not the fans."

NFL revenues from this past season topped $10 billion for the first time. The league's teams are collectively worth more than $37 billion, according to Forbes magazine.

Goodell's 2012 compensation was first reported by the Sports Business Journal.