NFL Quarterbacks

NFL quarterbacks (aka QB, originally called a blocking back) is probably the most important position on the football field in the NFL and are members of the offensive team that lines up directly behind the center on the offensive line.

Quarterbacks are usually the leaders of the the offense and the team. They are responsible for taking control of the team and calling the plays in the huddle.

NFL quarterbacks are tough physically and mentally. Have you ever watch a game and saw how they are just standing in the pocket waiting for a wide receiver to get open and the defensive lineman comes charging in and hit the quarterback?

Then you watch NFL football quarterbacks get up and call the next play. They take quite a few shots a game and most of the time they are standing still when the defensive lineman are coming to knock their block off.

Just imagine yourself standing still and all of a sudden someone knock you down to the ground and you didn't see them or you couldn't react quick enough to absorbs the blow.

I will never forget when I saw Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman take a shot under the chin with a helmet from Philadelphia Eagles LB Seth Joyner.

Pow! What a hit?! Troy got back up to go to the huddle but the coaches motion for him to come to the sideline. He needed stitches and his chin was blooded, but he came back in the next series. Now that's one tough NFL Quarterback and most of them are.

The Role of An NFL Quarterback

NFL quarterbacks are smart and that shows on the field when their decision making skills help them to find the open receiver without them throwing into double coverage and knowing when to throw the football away or pull it down and run with it.

They are very good at finding their third, fourth or fifth option when their first and second wide receivers are not open.

They have the ability to feel the pass rush coming by moving forward, backwards, or side to side in the pocket to by time for the receiver to get open.

They have good pocket presence to feel where the pressure of the pass rush is coming from without panicking under pressure.Good poise comes from a mental toughness that most NFL football quarterbacks have.

NFL quarterbacks touch the ball just about every offensive play and has a big responsibility in calling and making decision during a play.

While most position in the NFL substitute at their positions base on the play being called and to minimize, player fatigue, most quarterbacks are on the football field for every offensive play. The only time they go out is for injury or when the game outcome no longer matters.

NFL quarterbacks are most likely to be chosen early in the NFL draft and receive more lucrative contracts than any other positions.

As of 2012, they have won more Super Bowl MVP awards (25-46) then any other NFL players at all other positions combined.

Dual Threat NFL Quarterbacks

There are more mobile running quarterbacks in the NFL today and this is needed with the rise of the blitz and of how quick and fast the defense players have become.

While arm strength, accuracy, pocket presence and poise are very important quarterback qualities, the ability to elude or run past defensive players, creates an dual threat that gives value in the teams passing and running game.

Dedication to Becoming an NFL Quarterback

Quarterbacks are responsible for calling their teams offensive plays based on the defense's formation or game situation.

In order to choose the correct play, quarterbacks often spend plenty of time rehearsing and studying plays during their team's practice sessions. With the rise of the offensive coordinators, the plays are more partiality scripted.

The offensive coordinators and coaches usually gives the QB information via a built in headphone in the helmet. Quarterbacks are allowed to hear, but not talk to their coaches until there are fifteen seconds left on the play clock.

Calling Audibles

The QB relays the information to teammates and execute the plays. When the offensive teams are set at the line of scrimmage, the quarterback will start the play by calling out a code word, a number, or a combination of the two.

If the quarterback is not comfortable with formation of the defense is showing, they may call an audible to change the play.

For example, if a quarterback, receives a call to execute a running play, but he notice that the defense is going to blitz, (this means to send 6 or more defenders across the line of scrimmage) in a attempt to tackle him or stop him from passing the football.

The quarterback can change the play by yelling a special offensive code, like "Blue 42 or Purple 24" which tells the offense to switch to a specific play or formation.

These are Qualities that NFL Quarterbacks Process.

  • Leadership
  • Mental Toughness
  • Physical Toughness
  • Decision Making Abilities
  • Poise
  • Pocket Awareness
  • Dual threat run and pass abilities
  • Abilities to find a receiver

My Favorite QB's to watch are
(no order intended):

  • Drew Brees
  • Payton Manning
  • Tom Brady
  • Matt Ryan
  • Ben Roethlisberger
  • Eli Manning
  • Mick Vick
  • Cam Newtow