NFL Owners

Most NFL owners are billionaires who have gotten rich from their football teams like the late Oakland Raiders Al Davis. Others have built their empires through outside means like Paul Allen of Microsoft.

One of the youngest owners who is in his mid thirty's, San Francisco 49ers Jed York is 35, the next owner family has owned the same franchise since 1932, and the oldest NFL owner is Arizona Cardinals William V. Bidwell who is 84.

Some owners have controlled their teams for decades, others are new to the NFL. One team that stands out amongst all NFL owners is the world champion Green Bay Packers, which has no sole owner but they have thousands of shareholders.

The Green Bay Packers ownership is the model that the NFL should use for small to medium size markets in the NFL. The Green Bay Packers are the number 2 owners in my rankings.

There are 3 types of owners, owners who want to make money, owners who want to win but don't know how and owners who want to win championships.

The owners who want to make money are strictly about making a profit, which there is nothing wrong with that if you explain that to the fans.

Fans think that if a owner buys a team and says he or she are going to the win, that's not enough, winning could be one more game than the previous season.

Here are basic guidelines for fans of NFL team owners who want to make money.

They hirer a General Manager who doesn't come from a winning program or they don't have a GM ah la Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown.

They're drafting of players are horrible and they try to bring in free agents that were stars and or the chemistry of the players they bring in do not fit the head coach philosophy. They keep hiring head coaches every 2 to 3 years.

My experience with an NFL owner who just wants to make money.

I remember cheering for the Atlanta Falcons when I was a little boy and they always lost to Archie Manning in the last two minutes of the game and I would be crying after New Orleans Saint QB Archie Manning would throw a touchdown pass.

They always drafted the wrong players. They didn't have a general manager and they always bought in free agents who were over the hill or past their prime.

I eventually switched back the the Atlanta Falcons after Arthur Blank brought the team in 2002.

As a teenager I switch teams. I watch the New York Giants defense and I liked what they where doing on the defensive side of the ball.

I knew if they kept the defense solid that they would get better on the offensive side of the ball. The New York Giants had a general manager, drafted great and good players and bought in free agents who could help for 3 years, but they built their team through draft.

The New York Giants won 3 Championship since 1981.

NFL owners who want to win but don't know how usually hirer unproven general managers, personnel scouts and thinks they know pro football. They are always interfering with personnel and football decisions.

Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder come to my mind. Now Jerry Jones was a winning NFL owner and I still think he will be in the future.

He started out as a winning NFL owner who won 3 championship but his ego got in the way when he thought he could win without the help of Jimmy Johnson who was the coach of the the Dallas Cowboys during two championship and gave one to Barry Switzher after being fired the next year.

Jimmy Johnson had general manager powers over player personnel and since Jimmy Johnson was fired the Dallas Cowboys have only won 1 playoff game since then.

Danial Snyder of the Washington Redskins has hired several NFL coaches, signing many failed high priced free agents, and constantly interfering with personnel and football decisions.

But he has unquestionably turned the Washington Redskins into one of the more profitable sports franchises in the world. There is hope for you Washington Redskins fans if Daniel Snyder listen to owners who have won and know how to win.

Redskins fan needs to put pressure on him by writing and calling the Washington Redskins organization.

Receipt for a Winning NFL franchise

Take a look at who they hirer as there president or vice president, general manager or Director of player personnel, and where do they come from.

Did they come from winning background, usually from another NFL team that has a solid strategy on college football and pro football scouting?

How do they build their team, draft players or spend money through free agency? Who do they hirer as a head coach? How long do they keep their head coach.

Finally, the NFL owners who want to win championships goes out an hires a front office staff. These owners go out a get a president, vice president and then they hirer a the general manager.

The general manager goes out and hires a player personnel scout, college scouts, and a head coach. The head coach hires a coaching staff that fits his philosophy.

Once, the coaching staff is in place the general manager builds his team by drafting college players and signing free agents to fill position that they could not be fill in the NFL draft.

They go out and sign free agent NFL players who can help the team for three years. The gm will not sign high salary players unless they are 1 or 2 players away from winning a championship.

They 're teams will lose good players via free agency due the fact they can't or will not over pay for good players because this is goes against their philosophy.

These winning NFL owners who are in small to medium size markets and even if they are in a large market will not over pay, this goes against their football operation philosophy.

This NFL owner that I rank as the number 1 franchise owner in the NFL had only 3 coaches since 1969 to the present:

  • first coach won 4 super bowls
  • second coach won 1 super bowl
  • the third and present coach has won 2 super bowls
  • 3 Coaches since 1969
  • 7 Super Bowls
  • 9 Super Bowl appearance
  • Won Super bowls without free agency
  • Won Super bowls with free agency.
  • Small Market
  • Build their team thru the NFL draft
  • Use free agency to feel NFL positions

My number 1 NFL franchise NFL owner is Dan Rooney of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The NFL owner that I rank as the number 2 is publicly owned, non profited organization with 112,158 individual shareholders.

  • No new stadium just a face lift the Lambeau field
  • 4 Super Bowls
  • 9 Championships
  • The most championship in the NFL 13
  • Money from made goes to the citizen of Green Bay and the City.
  • Won Super bowls without free agency
  • Won Super bowls with free agency.
  • Small Market
  • Build their team thru the NFL draft
  • Use free agency to feel NFL positions
  • Money goes the city
  • Money goes to the fans

My number 2 NFL franchise are the shareholders of the Green Bay Packers the fans. The Green Bay Packers share their revenue with the city of Green Bay and their shareholder who are fans.

My top 5 NFL owners franchises are:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers Dan Rooney
  • Green Bay Packers The Fans
  • New England Patriots Robert Kraft
  • New York Giants John Mara Steve Tirsh
  • Baltimore Ravens Steve Bisciotti