32 NFL Football Teams

The are 32 NFL football teams in two conferences. The American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. Each conference has 16 teams, 4 division with four teams in each division.

Most pro football teams have a Majority owner, with a front office consisting of a team president, vice president, a general manager, scouts, a head coach, and assistant head coaches.

Each team will have 63 players on their roster but only 53 players can play in a regular season game each week. The remaining 10 players are on the practice squad and are inactive for the game.

Most teams have either indoor or outdoor stadiums with luxury boxes for corporation, seating for regular fans and parking .

Most pro football teams are on the east coast in the United States with only 9 teams on the west coast.

Most of the big metropolitan cities like New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, and Houston have an NFL franchise,.

Unlike most of the Major Sports Leagues in the United States the NFL have no teams in Canada although, the Buffalo Bills play a game in Toronto every year.

There's also talk of the NFL bringing a NFL team to Toronto, the largest city in Canada.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have 7 Super Bowl Championships and the Green Bay Packers have 13 Championship including 4 Super Bowls.

The Dallas Cowboy are known as American's Team and they are the highest valued NFL football team franchise with a value of 1.6 billion.

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