NFL Football Players

NFL football players are not privilege. Its not a privilege to play NFL football, its not a right, you have to earn a position to play in the national football league.

When I am listening to sports talk radio on Sirus/XM or my local radio station I often here fans calling in and saying it a privilege for NFL players to play football in the NFL.

The Requirements

Most NFL football players play little league, middle school, high school, and college football for at least 3 to 4 years.

College football players requirements are to earn a 2.0 grade point average in the classroom in order to keep their scholarships while practicing 3 times a day and playing football against team mates who will take you out in order to get your position.

Its nothing personal only business for the players. They 're scholarship in college is for 1 year and the head coach makes the decision if he will renew the scholarships for the next year.

NFL players are the best athletes in sports, my reason are NFL football is a grueling game with a physical, mental and emotionally side like no other sport.

Players have to be ready and willing to deal with a non stop physical game of hitting which is similar to being in a car wreak every time two players collide.

They have to study, think and react quickly during practice and game time. Also, players have to be able to control their emotion during a game even when situation in a game or out of their control.

NFL Scouts

In order to play pro football you have to be intelligent with common sense, able to run a fast time, be strong and have endurance at your position.

The NFL scouts are looking for great times in the 40 yard dash with speed and explosion. Players need to be able to bench 225 pounds as many times as the athlete can for they're perspective position.

The goal is to test the football players endurance and how often the college players visit their college weigh room.

The vertical jump is to measure the football player lower body explosion and power.

The board jump is testing the football players lower body explosion and power.

The 3 cone drills is testing the football players ability to change direction at a high speed of rate.

The shuttle run test the football players lateral quickness and explosion in short areas.

Qualities of an NFL Football Player

In order to become a NFL player you to have these qualities: intelligent, disciple, speed, strength, endurance and know the game of football.

The weighs you lift in the weigh room doesn’t pull or push back. Disciple is very important and if you cant take constructive criticism you want make it in any sport.

There are plenty of players who had all of the great qualities accept for disciple. I know of several of players and I'm pretty sure you know of some too who have all of the qualities to play pro football but they were not disciple enough to play on a team.

Speed has nothing to do with how fast you run or if you are a track star. Football speed is different, you need to be able to run or catch the football and absorb getting tackle by another player while adjusting to wearing a football helmet, shoulder pads, butt, knee, and thigh pads.

Most of the skill position players don’t wear knee, butt, and thigh pads. Their reasoning are the pads slow them down. This doesn't stop your speed and now the NFL are requiring players to wear pads because of injuries to their knees, thighs and hips.

NFL football players need to be intelligent, no more of the day where some players couldn't read or write. They have to be able to study film of the game.

Great NFL Players

The great players are great because they study hours of film, know the history of the game and network with others to exchange ideas.

NFL football players need to have the strength to deal with their teammates in practice, and deal with their opponents on game day. They need to be strong mentally and physically as well as emotionally.

They need to be able to go 60 minutes of hard hitting, blocking, scratching, tackling, and absorbing blows to the body.

NFL players are the best their is, the best their was, and the best to become.

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