News Flash Atlanta Falcons are in Trouble

by The Game
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

Here's why?.

Since 2015 the Falcons have drafted 2 Offensive lineman in round 1st thur 4th, Jake Mathews 1st rd and Sean Harlow 4th round.

Sean Harlow has not played a down for the Falcons while on the practice squad since 2017. Under Dan Quinn tenure the team always go after free agents to fill out there roster for the Offensive line.

Picking up free agents cost money against the cap and they may play 1 or 2 years. As oppose to drafting O lineman on rookie contracts and having players you drafted that can play together for a long time.

Compare this to the New Orleans Saints who have drafted 3 offensive lineman, 2 1st rounders and 1 4th rounder since 2015.

Most of the Saints Offensive lineman were drafted by the team. They traded for Max Uger. This is why Drew Bees is able to step up in the pocket and throw the ball.

The Defensive Line.

The Falcons have selected 2 DE's in the 1st round and 2 DT tackles in the 3rd and 5th round. Grady Jarrett was the fifth rounder.

The Falcons used free agency to pickup defensive tackle since Jonathan Babineaux retire in 2016.

In in order to win in the NFL you have to control the line of scrimmage. Just look at the New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots.

We have the skills players but no big men to . A team can have good to great lineman and have one Pro Bowler at the skill position and win "Al La" New England Patriots.

Salary Cap

The Falcons had to pay Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Dovonta Freeman, Jake Matthews and now they have to pay Grady Jarrett, Deion Jones De'Vondre Campbell and Keanu Neal.

When you don't draft offense and defensive lineman, you create salary cap problems for the team down the road. That road is coming

Just think if you had Offensive lineman and Defensive lineman on rookie contracts. This would help you protect your 30 million dollar man.
Matt Ryan had a MVP season last year even though the Falcons couldn't run the ball consistently.

The Falcons had to go out a get 2 Offensive guards James Carpenter and Jamon Brown. They pay a unproven offensive tackle Ty Sambrallo who started 4 games for team last year.

Sambrallo is making starter money. The offensive line will have 3 starters. This does not look good on paper and the field.

If the Falcons don't draft an Offensive guard and tackle for the 2019 NFL Draft, they are in trouble. They have 6 picks in the top 172 and a total of 9 picks.

The top needs are DT, G, OT, CB, DE LB and RB. I would take DT G OT, DE CB, G, LB.

If the Falcons don't make the playoff, Dan Quinn and GM Thomas Dimitroff maybe fired.

The team may have to let go Alex Mack, Mohamed Sanu and Desmond Trufant to make room for the 2020 forthcoming big contracts.

I don't agree with changing coaches every 3 to 4 years but Arthur Blank wants to make the playoff and I don't think the Falcons will make the playoff this

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