K C Chiefs

K C Chiefs page give you up-to-date information about the Kansas City Chiefs a American Professional Football team based in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Kansas City Chiefs joined the AFL in 1960, a charter member of the American Football League (AFL) and joined the NFL as part of the merger in 1970.

They are in the West Division of the American Football Conference in the NFL.

The Chiefs play their home games at the Arrowhead Stadium Kansas City, Missouri. 

Their headquarters and practice facilities is located near Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.

History of K C Chiefs

In 1959, Lamar Hunt, the son of an oil Tycoon H L. Hunt, had meeting with other businessmen to establish a professional football league that would complete against the NFL.

Hunt's desire to owned a professional football team came after watching the 1958 NFL Championship Game between the New York Giants and Baltimore Colts.

After several unsuccessful attempts to purchase and relocate the Chicago Cardinals of the NFL to his hometown of Dallas, Texas, Hunt asked the NFL to create an expansion team in Dallas, Texas.

The NFL turned Hunt down, so he decided to start the American Football League and started his own team, in Dallas Texans, to begin play in 1960.

Hunt hired a little-known assistant coach from the University of Miami football team, Hank Stram, to be the team's head coach after the job offer was declined by Bud Wilkinson and Tom Landry.

After 3 years Hunt agreed to relocate the team to Kansas City with the help of the Mayor of Kansas City Harold Roe Bartle. Hunt decided that the Dallas-Fort worth market could not sustain 2 professional football teams.

Hunt and head coach Hank Stram initially planned to keep the "Texans" name, but a fan contest was held to determined the new "Chiefs" name in honor of Mayor Bartle's nickname that he acquired at the St. Joseph and Kansas City Boy Scout Councils and founder of the Scouting Society, the Tribe of Mic-O-Say in his professional role as Scout Executive.

The K C Chiefs were one of best team in the American Football League with the most playoff appearances(tied with the Oakland Raiders),  and the most AFL Championships (3).

The dynasty era of the Chiefs in the AFL helped Lamar Hunt become a key figure in negotiations with NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle to agree on an AFL-NFL merger.

The Beginning of the Super Bowl

In 1966 A meeting was held between the AFL and NFL, the 2 leagues agreed to championship game between the AFL and the NFL.

The championship game was agreed to be played in January 1967 following the 1966 regular season. Lamar Hunt insisted that the championship game be called the "Super Bowl", after seeing his son play with a toy called Super Ball.

The first 3 games were called the AFL-NFL Championship Game.

The Super Bowl became official during the Fourth Game annual championship in 1970 between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Minnesota Vikings. The Chiefs won 23 - 7 against the Vikings.