Fantasy Football Week 3

by The Game

My Team the College Park Hyena's lost a close game. I forgot to change my defense for the Thursday night game.

You have to be aware of the Thursday night game and change your lineup, damn, damn, damn!

Brees, White and Lacy were my leading scorers, this one really hurt.

I will win my next game. I have to stay in contention for the playoffs

My Team

Drew Bress QB 24
Eddie Lacy RB 2
Shane Vereen RB 6
Mike wallace WR 9
Roddy White WR 13
Rob Gronkowski TE 9
Washington DEF 2
Stepten Gostkowski K 2

Total 76

Manny Allen

Tony Romo QB 30
Rashad Jennings RB 5
Donald Brown RB 4
Alshon Jeffery WR 10
Kelvin Benjamin WR 13
Greg Oslen TE 3
Patriots D 2
Adam Vinateri K 11

Total 78

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