Fantasy Football Week 2

by The Game
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

My Team the College Park Hyena's had a tied game 72 to 72, the first ever in fantasy football.

The leading scorer was Drew Brees followed by the Washington defense and my kicker S. Gostkowoski.

I listen to ESPN Insiders on the defense which was good but the Wide receiver suggestion back fired and cost me a tie instead of a win. Some times you have to go with your gut feeling.

Dwayne Bowe was coming off a suspension and I should have stayed with Mike Wallace WR of Miami.

I will make changes to my defense and kicker if I feel I can score more points, its all about match ups in fantasy football, who's playing against who and what advantage you can gain.

My Team

Drew Bress QB 20
Eddie Lacy RB 5
Montee Ball RB 8
Roddy White WR 4
Dwayne Bowe WR 4
Rob Gronkowski TE 3
Washington DEF 14
Stepten Gostkowski K 12

Total 72

Legion of Doom

Mattew Stafford QB 16
DeMarco Murry RB 21
Chris Ivory RB 10
Calvin Johnson WR 8
Demaryius Thomas WR 12
Jared Cook TE 4
Cheifs DEF 1
Blair Walsh K 0

Total 72

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