Fantasy Football Week 1

by The Game
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

My team the CP Hyena's won 83 to 80 with the leading scorer was Drew Bees followed be a balance attack from wide receivers, running backs, tight end and kicker. This was a very close game.

My opponent Team Shaner's has a very good team.

The Falcon Defense only gave me 2 points, so much for my predictions that Devin Hester would run a punt or kick off back for a touchdown.

Here's the breakdown of the scoring between Team Hyena's vs Team Shaner's.

Team Hyena's

Drew Bress QB 18
Eddie Lacy RB 4
Montee Ball RB 13
Roddy White WR 13
Mike Wallace WR 13
Rob Gronkowski TE 10
Atlanta Falcons DEF 2
Stepten Gostkowski K 10

Total 83


Aaron Rodgers QB 12
Adrian Peterson RB 8
CJ Spiller RB 12
Brandon Marshall WR 12
Jordy Nelson WR 8
Vernon Davis TE 16
Panthers DEF 8
Mason Crosby K 4

Total 80

I change my defense to the Washington Team this week, ESPN Insider recommended them.

Their reasoning was they are playing Jacksonville Jaguars. I was going to pick back up my original Defense the St Louis Rams but ESPN Insiders made a good suggestion.

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