Falcons 7 Round Pick for the 2015 NFL Draft

by The Game

The Atlanta Falcons 7 round picks for the 2015 NFL Draft should look like this:

2 OG
3 LB or DE or FS
4 FS or RB or MLB
5 RB or WR or CB
6 CB
7 best player available
7 best player available

The Falcons defense were horrible last year, no pass rush, only three linebackers and two were un-drafted second year players.

Prince Shembo was a rookie last year. We need two pass rushers, injuries do happen and we need depth.

We need a middle linebacker, I'm not convince that Worrilow can or should be playing as a starter, I maybe wrong.

If we get Bruce Irvin from Seattle then I say draft a free safety in the third round. Like the fans chant at a game defense, defense, defense is what the Falcons need and what the fans want to see this draft week.

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