Carolina Panthers Rumors

The Carolina Panthers rumors joined the NFL in 1993, as the 29th expansion team.

The Panthers would begin play in 1995. The team owned by Jerry Richardson,  co-founder of the Hardee’s restaurant chain.

They are in the South Division the "Dirty South" of the National Football Conference in the NFL.

The Panthers play their homes games at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

The headquarters and practice facilities is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. 


On December 15, 1887, Jerry Richardson co-founder of Hardee’s restaurant chain announced his bid for an NFL expansion franchise.  

Richardson got his inspiration from George Shinn, who made a successful bid for an expansion team in Charlotte, the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association.

Richardson a native of North Carolina and a former wide receiver of the Baltimore Colts used his 1959 Championship league bonus to co-found Hardee’s restaurant chain.

Richardson founded Richardson sports a partnership with family members and businessmen from North Carolina, South Carolina who were recruited to be limited partner in the group. Richardson scouted four potential location for a stadium before choosing Charlotte, North Carolina.

To find out the supply and demand for professional football in the Carolinas, Richardson Sports negotiated with the NFL to have preseason games in the Carolina’s in 1989, 1990, and 1991. The games were held in Raleigh, North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Columbia, South Carolina.

In 1991, Richardson Sports group file an application for the open expansion team spot. On October 23, 1993, the 28 NFL owners unanimously named the Carolina Panthers as the 29th NFL franchise of the NFL. They were one of two expansion teams to begin play in the NFL that year, with the other team being the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Carolina Panthers rumors played their first season in 1995. They were put in the NFC West and their first ever head coach was the former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dom Caper. Their first ever selection in the NFL Draft was Kerry Collins a from Penn State, in the 1995 Draft. 


The Panthers originally played their first season at Memorial Stadium in Clemson, South Carolina, while their stadium in uptown Charlotte was under construction. Ericsson Stadium, now called Bank of America Stadium since 2004, opened in 1996.

Bank of America Stadium is owned entirely by the Panthers, thus making them one of the proud and few teams in the NFL to own their Stadium. 

This Stadium was privately financed seats 75,412, open-air, natural grass designed as a self-contained headquarters for the Carolina Panthers rumors and includes training facilities, practice fields and administrative offices.

I applaud Mr. Richardson for finding private money to fund the Bank of America Stadium and would like to see more owners use private money for fund stadiums.

In 2013 Richardson did ask for 250 million to do renovation of the stadium pending a vote by the city of Charlotte to help pay for the renovations. 

The vote failed and an effort to get money from the state of North Carolina failed too.

In 2013, the Charlotte City Council agreed to finance 87.5 million towards the renovations, with a commitment that the Panthers will stay in Charlotte for another six years.

Carolina Panther Rumors Fan Base

The Mayor’s and City Council of cities always use the selling point was that a team may pack up and move to LA or a city near you who is willing to pay for a new stadium and facility. Let’s be real, these stadiums are the owners toys and all men love their toys but most men pay for their toys. 

Let these owners pay for their toys and we as tax payers use this hotel and car rental money etc… for projects that are needed in the city.

The Carolina Panthers rumors have a large fan base that consists of North Carolina and South Carolina. The mascot is Sir Purr a black cat who wears the number 00 jersey. The cheerleaders are the Carolina Topcats consisting of 24 women who lead cheers and entertain fans during home games.

The Panthers started the PurrCussion a drumline of drummers who perform for fans outside the stadium and introduce players during home games; it consist of drummers from the Carolinas. The Panthers have a fight song called, “Stand and Cheer”.

Carolina Panthers Rumors

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