Atlanta Falcons Final cuts.
My Biggest Concerns, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

by The Game
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

The Good

The QB situation is good. The reason they kept three QB's is for security, to make sure that Renfree will be ready in 2015 season. T.J Yates will be a mentor and primary back to Matt Ryan.

The running back position is solid with Steven Jackson who will be the bruiser in this running attack, Devonte Freeman look like the best runner, Antone Smith needs to get touches in this offense, he's a game changer.

Jacquizz Rodger can block and catch the ball very well.

The secondary is the heart of the defense with the talent and depth from cornerback to safety.
Cornerbacks Desmond Trufant, Robert Alford and Safety William Moore should be standouts.

Robert McClain will be solid at the cornerback and could play safety if Dwight Lowery has injury problems, if Dwight stay healthy this will be a solid unit this year.

Kemal Ishmael, Josh Wilson and Javier Arenas will provide quality depth for the Falcons this year.

The offensive line looks good with the addition of Jon Asamoah at R Guard and Jake Matthews at is natural position L Tackle.

Larry Holmes looks good this preseason after being thrown to the wolfs last year. The depth of R. Schraeder at tackle, and G. Carimi (Mr everything) on the o line is a plus.

I am so happy that the Falcons kept R. Schraeder, who I think will become a good tackle in the NFL. J Hawley look good as the starting center.

Jake Matthews is at his natural position L Tackle and J Blalock is solid at L Guard.

The Bad

There no depth at wide receiver with Darius Johnson retiring and Drew Davis on injured reserve will be become a problem if the Julio Jones and Roddy White are injured.

The defensive line depth at NT is a concern if Paul Soliai is injured. Corey Peters is not ready and most defensive linemen don't have productive first year after an ACL, especially after being injured at the 15th game of last season.

I'm so happy they kept Travian Robertson DT/NT, the falcons need a big body that knows the system and can play.

The Ugly

Will the D-ends learn to rush running QBs correctly, they can't rush Cam Newton the same way they rush Drew Bees.

Jonathan Massaqoui, Kroy Biermann, Stansly Maponga and Osi Umenyiora will be counted on to create a rush for the defense and cover running backs out of the back field except for (Osi Umenyiora) designated pass rusher.

The linebackers crew are the weakest link with no depth and depending on DE's to convert and play outside linebacker is a big concern.

After Paul Worrilow, Joplo Bartu and Prince Shambo (Rookie) there is no depth unless you count on rookies free agents again.

The offensive line has a glaring need of depth with Peter Konz struggling during the preseason and James Stone a rookie free agent with some promise. Konz played better than he did last year.

While the secondary is the heart of the defense, The concern is Dwight Lowery being injury prone.

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