Pro Football 101

Learn how the game is played in the NFL.

This is a source for pro football fans who wants to learn how the game is played, for the average fan who keeps up with the sport casually through scores or highlights and for the fan who loves NFL football and want to know what’s going on in the NFL.

One Sunday I was watching a NFL football game and my wife ask me a question about the game. I thought to myself, "you don't know that" then I had to catch myself and I answered her questions.

We fanatic football fans think if you are watching pro football you should know what’s going on.

That’s far from the truth, if you were to listen to fans in a bar or at a home gathering you will find out that the majority of fans have opinions not facts about the game.

In other words, they don’t know what they are talking about and they are not students of the game.

This website will give valuable information to females and males that do not know about pro football. gives a prospective on the NFL that you will not find anywhere else.

This includes an overview on topics about:

  • What's a NFL offense?
  • What's a NFL defense?
  • NFL Players, their positions and what are their responsibilities.
  • The history of the NFL and how American football started.
  • How the NFL game is played?
  • The latest rumors and what going on in the NFL.
  • Information about retired players after the game is over.
  • The NFL draft will provide information on which college player are eligible to be drafted and which teams are in a position to draft the top college players.
  • Information on All 32 NFL teams
  • Information on PAST, an organization who helps retired players with their health and well being?
  • What is fantasy football and how do you play it?
  • News and notes around NFL.
  • The rules and regulations of the game.
  • Etc....

When you view and study this site you will learn and become a student of the game.

I hope you enjoy!

Pro Football NFL Blog
This NFL blog will give you the latest updates and rumors about the National Football League. This blog will Keep you in�un�date�ed with new posting and news about Pro football and the NFL.
NFL rumors, commentary, scores, stats, standings,and more.
NFL rumors gives you tips and expert analysis from several local and national media outlets. There will be expert opinions and facts about the players, coaches, and NFL teams.
Pro Football Fans Forum
Welcome to the Pro Football Fans Forum! I want you to share your comments, opinions and stories about the NFL. YOu will be the broadcasters, writers, and fans who will tell your story.
NFL football and how the game is played?
Learn the basics stradegies of nfl football, from the objective of the game, to the various ways to score points, the basic football terminology and the nfl rules of the game.
NFL Football History
NFL football history starts with the idea of the legendary Jim Thorpe player-coach of the Canton Bulldogs and Leo Lyons owner of the Rochester Jefferson a sandlot football team.
NFL Rules of the Game.
The best way to understand nfl football is to know the NFL rules of the game.
National Football League Draft, NFL Mock Draft and NFL combine.
The national football league draft is an annual event where by the NFL selects eligible college football players into the NFL.
NFL Football Players are the best atheletes in sports.
NFL football players are not privilege. Its not a privilege to play nfl football, its not a right, you have to earn a position to play in the national football league.
NFL Free Agents
NFL free agents are players who are not under contract with their current team or any other team, therefore they can negotiate and sign a contract with any of the 32 NFL teams.
NFL Fantasy Football
NFL fantasy football is a online interactive game where by sports fans are general managers of a team that participant in competitive leagues, accruing fantasy points & statistics of nfl players.
32 NFL Football Teams
The are 32 NFL football teams in the National Football League.
NFL Coaches and NFL Head Coaches
NFL coaches and NFL head coaches- are professional at training and developing football players.
Al Davis owner and general manager of the Oakland Raiders.
Al Davis was a college coach, AFL Head Coach, AFL assistant coach, AFL Commissioner, NFL general partner, owner and general manager of the Oakland Raiders.
NFL Standings
NFL standings are statistics to show the win, loss and tie records of NFL football teams. The standing will determine who makes the playoff and what selection they will recieve in the NFL draft.
NFL Football Schedule
The NFL football schedule has 4 seasons: The preseason, the regular season, the playoffs and the unofficial offseason.
NFL Football Scores
NFL football scores are the results of two NFL team scoring points against one each other. The objective of NFL football is to score more points than your opponent.
Roger Goodell NFL Commissioner
Roger Goodell became the ninth commissioner of the National Football League (NFL) after being chosen to succeed the retired Paul tagliabue on August 2006.
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